Raphy & Andry: Something Fancy

Genre: Indie

Released: March 03 2020

Raphy and Adry are worth a listen and especially this album. It has country and blue grass elements. It also has an essence of Huey Lewis and the News and Dave Matthews. This is a stunning album with horns, strings, and delight throughout. It is symphonic, upbeat, and just a focus of sounds that delight the ears. I have never heard a double bass drum incorporated in a metal style in a pop like song as it is in “Burn it Down“. There is no justification to put a specific label on this album. It is all over the place and just absolutely delicious to the ears in every way.

NGM Rating: 4.3 out of 5

​Notable Tracks:

  • Burn it Down
  • Life is Calling
  • Samantha
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