1. How did you come up with the band name ?
    A Saprophyte/Saprophytes are an organism like bacteria that grows and thrives from dead matter. We liked it since it was a great fit, metaphorically, since this is the first time both of us are having our own project. And of course it sounds cool! We also wanted our name in there somehow and since our last names are ”Blohm Hedlund”, it just made sense to chose ”Blohm” in English since the word ”Bloom” means the same thing in Swedish and ”Saprophyte In Bloom” just sounded right somehow. It just fit’s!
  2. Tell us about where you come from and how that reflects in the music.
    Dennis: I’m from Sweden, which probably shows? I’ve always lived in the Stockholm county/Region or the Suburbs and that naturally has to translate in our music. You just can’t deny that.
    Oksana: I’m originally from Ukraine but I have lived in Sweden for many years now and I guess it probably translates into our music somehow.
  3. Tell us about the song-writing process, how do you create your music ?
    Right now, we have been writing the music first and then write lyrics and all of that is done in the ”in-between” moments. The actual process is very easy-going. Usually, I (Dennis) get an idea out of nowhere and start laying down a basic template in my recording software for either just bass and drums or all instruments, then Oksana joins in and we start working on melodies together. It’s pretty much like a ”House-jam”. One of us shows an idea and then we start, either in the software or on an instrument like keyboards, to test things out. When we’ve done the template for the main instruments, then we start working on lyrics which we work on together. The melodies for the vocals are done as a template then Oksana composes the final melodies when she’s behind the mic and records it. Everything is very free-flowing.
  4. Who has influenced you the most ?
    Dennis: Meshuggah, Amon Amarth and Leprous. Without a doubt!
    Oksana: Nightwish, Therion and old school Heavy Metal in general.
  5. What was the first song you or your band ever wrote? Tell us if you performed it, trashed it, etc….
    The First was ”The City Of Shadows” which is on our EP of course and since Covid-19, we’ll see about live performances.
  6. What song are you most connected to or proud of ?
    We are, of course, proud of every song. We like them all but our favorite is ”You Think You Win When You Lose” because of the diversity of styles and we got singer Thomas Vikström (Therion, ex-Candlemass) to do a duet which is really cool!
  7. Do you enjoy playing live and what do you enjoy about it ?
    We love playing live! The best part is connecting with the crowd. It’s like there is nothing else but this moment that we’re sharing. The adrenaline, it feels like your giving a part of you to the fans, expressing your most genuine feelings.
  8. What is next for the band ?
    Begin working on our next release!
  9. Any additional thoughts or comments you would like to add ?
    Stay safe, take care and hopefully, we’ll play live after Covid-19.
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