Genre: Metal


Roju is a modern metal band from Finland. Roju aims to make music that makes you want to start a moshpit and sing along with the melodies from the top of your lungs!

Roju started as a vision of two friends who have known each other since the early 2000’s via various music related messaging boards. Both Joni’s share love for nu metal, modern metal and good song writing no matter what the genre is. All that can be heard in Roju’s musical output with no boundaries set to a certain subgenre.

In early 2020, Singer-songwriter Joni Karjalainen, got inspired by guitarist, Joni Nuortimo’s, demo ideas and that quickly formed the band’s first song Leader. Soon after Karjalainen’s friend Juha Janttonen joined the band as their bass player and graphical designer. After that a wave of inspiration hit the guys resulting in the birth of a collection songs that will form the upcoming EP coming later in 2020 to be released gradually one song by song. First single, Calamity, was released on 30th of April 2020 with an official lyric video. Second single Mind Exit was released on 19th of June. Third single of the EP is coming out in August and after that Roju will finalize the rest of the EP and start looking for a release date and find a way to play some shows eventually.

Roju crushes you with heavy catchy, often dissonant, riffs and picks you up with a melodic choruses and the lyrical themes revolve around vocalist, Joni Karjalainen’s, personal experiences that probably everyone can relate to.

Roju will head to the concert stages as soon as the global pandemic starts to settle down hopefully in the very near future!

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