Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Photo Credits Katerina Vratits


This hard rocking five piece outfit hails from Athens, Greece, and boy do they shred. Originally calling themselves “Infernal Deception”, the band formed in 2008. Absense just debuted their sound unto the musical world in November of 2020 with their EP “XV”.

It has been a long time since a band has so artfully and fittingly used the sounds of melodic death metal. Drawing inspiration from such classics as “In Flames” and “Meshuggah”, Absense breaks up its intense walls of sound with the heartfelt and versatile voice of their frontwoman: Nefeli Pischou. If you are a fan of introspective lyricism peppered with heavy riffs and soaring melodies, you must check out this band.

It could be said that the newly released XV does not have a bad song on it. Listening to this EP will leave you wanting more. Each composition is unique and showcases the band’s dynamic range. We at Newgroove Magazine desperately hope that Absense continues to produce music for this newly revived but fading genre.


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