Press Release: Wolves Attack!!

“Rest In Piss” releases January 29’th 2021

Genre: Horror Punk

Press release:

Wolves Attack!! is releasing their album “Rest In Piss” January 29’th 2021 and have debuted the single “Heavy Breathing” ahead of the album dropping. The song is phenomenal to say the least! It brings back the nostalgia of bands like “Wednesday 13” and late “GG Allin”.

4 years after the release of their freshmen album “Piss On Everything”, the Philly punk band are releasing their sophomore effort “Rest In Piss”, out January 29’th 2021.

Vocals- Ben Psut (2014-2015), John Walls
Guitars- Eric Walls, Jason Carr
Bass- Jim Weiss
Drums- Tom Taylor

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